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Empowering SMEs: Cybersecurity Strategies for a Secure Digital Future

NERO Webinar

Empowering SMEs: Cybersecurity Strategies for a Secure Digital Future

NERO Webinar

3 July 2024 | 15:00-16:30 CEST



SMEs represents the backbone of the European economy playing a key role in driving innovation, fostering economic growth, and creating job opportunities.

As the digital landscape becomes more connected thanks to emerging technologies such as IoT, AI, and Blockchain, SMEs are exposed to a set of very diverse cybersecurity threats that can significantly impact their operations, financial stability, and reputation.

The fast evolving threat landscape requires them to constantly adapt and enhance their security measures in order to overcome critical consequences.

This NERO webinar entitled "Empowering SMEs: Cybersecurity Strategies for a Secure Digital Future" aims to shed light on innovative initiatives tailored specifically for SMEs, offering insights and solutions to enhance their cybersecurity resilience and protect their digital assets coming from four EC-funded initiatives: NERO, CyberSecPro, CYSSME and Excalibur.

By participating in this webinar, attendees can expect to gain a wealth of knowledge and insights into the following areas:

  • Understanding the cybersecurity challenges faced by SMEs and the implications for their business operations.
  • Exploring innovative cybersecurity initiatives and solutions tailored specifically for SMEs, including advanced cyber awareness programs, threat intelligence frameworks, and privileged access management solutions.
  • Learning from real-world use cases and demonstrations showcasing the impact of cybersecurity initiatives on SMEs resilience and security posture.
  • Engaging in insightful discussions with industry experts and project leaders to exchange ideas, best practices and lessons learned in enhancing SMEs cybersecurity.

Visit the official event page for the full agenda and registration.

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