Improving cloud computing performance and sustainability in Europe

The EU-funded HUB4CLOUD project aims to magnify the impact and relevance of cloud computing research, innovation, and policy-driven efforts in Europe. To that end, it nurtures an open, inclusive and sustainable ecosystem through dedicated activities, including road mapping, dissemination, event organisation, mapping of open-source and (pre)standardisation initiatives, and business acceleration programmes. To yield effective results, the project will guarantee continuity with previous and ongoing cross-programme initiatives by building on the results and major achievements produced so far by EU-funded endeavours. HUB4CLOUD's ultimate ambition is to foster secure, interoperable, scalable, affordable, and environmentally sustainable cloud technologies and solutions, strongly rooted in core European values, from fundamental individual rights to market openness and environmental sustainability.

Project Objective

HUB4CLOUD will assist growing the impact and relevance of Cloud Computing research, innovation and policy-driven efforts, while accelerating its adoption and deployments in Europe. By running dedicated coordination and support activities, including roadmapping, dissemination, organisation of events, mapping of open source/(pre-)standardisation initiatives, and business acceleration activities, HUB4CLOUD will ensure the creation of an open, inclusive, and sustainable ecosystem. To succeed in its ambition, HUB4CLOUD, as a rather small project, will “stand on the shoulders of giants”, meaning it will build upon and together other relevant ongoing efforts (), engaging top experts (Letters of Support/Intent from RedHat, GAIA-X, CERN, GÉANT, EOSC, HELIX NEBULA, NESSI, OW2, FIWARE, IBM, etc.) and featuring an impressive mix of experience and skills brought in by strong and committed partners. HUB4CLOUD build on the core principles of agility and value creation. Agility because besides dealing with a moving target, the ECC is in continuous evolution, in the transition towards Horizon Europe short iteration cycles to generate outputs will allow to answer the need of the community (including the EC) more effectively. Value creation because without clear benefits provided to its participants, it will not be possible to engage stakeholders (internal and newcomers/external) in the European Cloud Computing community in a durable way. HUB4CLOUD ultimate ambition is contribute building “a Europe fit for the digital age” in which digital technologies and solutions are strongly rooted in the core European values, spanning fundamental individual rights to market openness and environmental sustainability.

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