The IoTAC project aims to deliver a secure and privacy-friendly IoT architecture that will facilitate the development of more resilient IoT service environments. Our system, comprising of a secure gateway, runtime security applications and cloud-based service platforms, will provide comprehensive protection for service environments of various IoT domains. The technology will not only protect new deployments but can also enhance the security level of legacy operations.

IoTAC has a multi-layer approach to improve IoT security.

We elaborate a security framework, call it Security baseline, which covers all aspects of system development from requirement specification, through design, development and testing, to certification with associated KPIs and validation measures. The Security Baseline is defined based on best practices, on well-established industrial standards and the research results of the project.

In the IoTAC architecture, we deploy a combination of state of the art technologies (in some cases we provide the state of the art through patented or patent-pending solutions) and extend them with new inherently secure processes and workflows.  Security countermeasures are implemented both at hardware- and at software level, which treat privacy and data security as topmost priorities.

IoTAC will also implement Security-by-Design based methodology and supporting platform for integrating security into every step of the Software Development Life Cycle as well as for the assessment of software applications running on the IoT architecture.

These will be part of a comprehensive certification program covering software development, architecture design and protection targets. The certification will be based on internationally recognized security standards, best practices and the research results of the project.

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