Under the European Commission’s Next Generation Internet (NGI) initiative, the ONTOCHAIN project empowers internet innovators with a novel software ecosystem that can be used to build trustworthy applications with advanced knowledge management mechanisms in various domains. These include trustworthy web and social media, trustworthy crowdsensing, trustworthy service orchestration, and decentralised and unsupervised online social networks and similar domains.

The ONTOCHAIN project supports academia and high-tech companies in its three consecutive research and innovation phases: Phase 1: Research (research proposals, awards, and challenges for conferences), Phase 2: Protocol Suite & Software Ecosystem Foundations (prototypes and solutions) and Phase 3: Applications and Experimentation (prototypes and solutions). Specific marketable solutions will be developed for domains such as health, economy, mobility, public services, energy and sustainability, news, media, entertainment, Industry 4.0, tourism and so on.

The ONTOCHAIN Consortium provides coaching and mentoring for the stakeholders towards our common goal to deliver a software ecosystem for trusted knowledge management in dynamic ecosystems of actors and resources with novel on-chain and off-chain data, metadata, ontologies, knowledge and information methods. This process will lead towards an ONTOCHAIN community, a group of researchers and innovators that have stakes in the marriage between the Semantic Web and Blockchain.

The project is operated by 7 partners with complementary expertise that form the core of a vibrant ecosystem: European Dynamics (Luxembourg), University of Ljubljana (Slovenia), IntelliSemantic (Italy), iExec Blockchain Tech (France), Athens University of Economics and Business (Greece), German Hellenic Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Greece) and F6S (Ireland).

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