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Aristotle University of Thessaloniki

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I am a critical* software engineer (M.Sc.) with a passion for new technologies and all things open. For 15+ years I have been working with teams in systems analysis, design and integration, in various domains. B2B, B2C, industrial solutions, e-commerce, R&D and education are a select few. I am skilled in requirement analysis, software architecture, software quality & resilience and experienced in integrating inhomogeneous modern and / or legacy software systems. I am currently a PhD Candidate with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki in the fields of Open Source Software & Software Resilience, and I serve as an Engineering Team Lead in the SaaS industry.

I started working as a freelance coder during my B.Sc. studies, initially involved in projects funded by the European Union. In 2011, I founded a software house with the aim of scaling up my business. Three years later it evolved into a digital solutions' agency supporting more than 150 clients in e-commerce, digital marketing, digital advertising and digital content creation. In 2019, I was honored to participate, as a consultant, in the preliminary study that led to European Union’s Open Source Strategy 2020-2023.

I love learning new things and gaining experience by interacting with other people. Participating in Open Source Software Communities from the early days of my career, introduced me to a new, multicultural world of openness, co-creation and diversity. I believe in the values of temperance, practical wisdom, justice and courage. That is why I try to be respectful and kind to others, own my actions and communicate clear messages. These are - in my honest opinion - key components in leading a good life and making others’ lives better.

I am an active supporter of several initiatives and networks related to entrepreneurship and research and innovation: Open Coffee Club Greece, WordPress Community Greece, The Internet Archive, MyData Global, Open Data Institute, Mozilla Open Leaders, are a select few.


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